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Archive for January, 2008

Whole-Play update

This week I've started working on a new program, simpleDrumGenerator2, which is a more refined and powerful version of simpleDrumGenerator. It's quite exciting, since now the computer analyses the impro every X seconds, and can respond on a per-beat basis, which makes it much more responsive. Still some work to go on simpleDrumGenerator2, but it's looking very promising.

Also I've been working on a way to record the impros at the same time they are being played. I've managed to record all midi data to Sonar LE, which then can be listened to through Reason via Rewire, and mixed down to .wav if desired. I still would like to learn a bit about how to route audio signals virtually, since it might be very usefull/necessary in the future.

Can't wait to continue...

What is Whole-Play?

And why is there a whole category in the blog for it? Whole-Play was born on 18 Nov 07, but the seed were planted way before, probably around 1990. But WHAT is it?

It's a project, an experiment and an adventure. It's a journey to create a music project that combines programming, composing and improvising. Read the full text...

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