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Archive for April, 2008

Whole-Play update

I haven't updated for a while, partly because I've been too busy with web work. That doesn't mean Whole-Play development has stopped. It's been a bit slower than I would have wanted, but regular nevertheless.

I keep on working on the Harmony Analyser, which is looking better every week. I think I've been trying too hard to be too precise with it - two too's are too many ;) - and I'm not sure that's a good strategy. It might not be possible, and even if it is, I'd better get something practical going, and leave refinement (or re-designing) for further stages of the project. So today I went to have a cappuccino and a lemon & coconut muffin at the Surf Beach cafe (sounds relaxing for a Sunday morning, doesn't it?), and did some brainstorming, trying to get more specific on what I'm trying to achieve in terms of harmony. I think I've got a better direction now, and I'm ready to start trying out its posssibilities. My aim is to meet the deadline for Milestone 2, which is May 13th.

Also I managed to find a very annoying bug I had introduced a few weeks ago that was driving me crazy, so I'm happy. :)

DynamicToolbar plugin for FCKEditor

DynamicToolbar is a plugin for FCKEditor that allows you to create custom toolbars on-the-fly, without the need to use configuration files. This won't be necessary once FCKEditor reaches v3.0, but for the moment, here's a quick and easy solution. Read the full text...

Actualizado a WordPress 2.5

Acabo de actualizar el blog a WordPress 2.5, lo cual ha resultado ser relativamente sencillo y sin grandes dolores de cabeza. Lo absurdo del tema es que nada ha cambiado en la web, o sea que básicamente he perdido la última media hora. Al menos ahora puedo usar el nuevo administrador, que es mucho más elegante y amistoso. La gestión de archivos multimedia parece haber mejorado mucho, tendré que investigarlo. Y ya no tendré que ver más el recordatorio "You are using an old version of WordPress, please upgrade". :)

Por cierto que éste es mi 13º post, qué simbólico...

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