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Buenos días, Surf Beach!


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23 comments to “Buenos días, Surf Beach!”

  1. #01 By natalia, 080617 at 19:23


  2. #02 By Bill, 080619 at 09:37

    Beautiful photograph Gonzalo, but how come you got a photo of the
    sunrise? I mean, everybody knows that since you came to Australia,
    you have adopted Australian cultural behaviour and don't arise from
    bed until at least 10:30am if possible?! :))

  3. #03 By dense13, 080619 at 10:02

    Hehe. That's right. There's nothing you can't find in flickr, which is the perfect activity (instead of working) for a morning, say at 11am, after having vegemite on toast for breakfast. You see, VERY aussie. ;)

  4. #04 By natalia, 080619 at 17:02

    You mean you didn't take that picture??? :-O OMG, I feel soo
    cheated :P

  5. #05 By dense13, 080619 at 17:18

    Of course I did!! We're just kidding (or plain silly?). Here's a tip: never take too seriously any conversation between Bill and I. Right Sir Bill? :)

    It would be very silly to start a 'photos' section, and then rip them off somewhere else anyway... I'm not THAT bored!

    This particular photo was taken from my terrace, while I was having a nice cup of tea with toast (it's quite cold in Australia at 7am in a June morning!). And despite what you all think, I do sometimes get up early, and at 7.30 I was already CSS-ing! :)

  6. #06 By natalia, 080619 at 17:23

    I know ;)

  7. #07 By dense13, 080619 at 17:33

    I know you know. :) Just trying to generate some conversation so the post says there's heaps of comments, and it looks interesting...

  8. #08 By natalia, 080619 at 17:42

    Are we there yet?

  9. #09 By dense13, 080619 at 17:54

    Well, I think 8 comments is a record in this blog (mmmh, should I worry?). Let's celebrate! Open the champagne! Let the caviar run! Where's Bill? He started this whole thing, he should be here with us having a drink! :)

  10. #10 By natalia, 080619 at 17:57

    You know, I once worked with someone called Bill, british guy, we
    invented this called called the card board superman, we should have
    written a book about it, I think it is a concept quite related to
    Extreme Programming. So anyway....Bill...wasn\'t there a Bill in
    neighbours? (I like the thing that allows you to copy the message
    if you are stupid enough to fill in the anti-spam number before
    hiting submit)

  11. #11 By natalia, 080619 at 17:58

    My new lines got lost :(

  12. #12 By Bill, 080620 at 13:19

    I'm pleased Natalia mentioned "Neighbours", being, as it is, such a
    true representation of Australia and its citizens. The only gripe I
    have about the series is that I can't remember there ever being a
    character just like myself... Hmmm...how disturbing, but then again
    I never watched the show! As for your taking that photograph
    Gonzalo, I didn't mean for a moment that it wasn't a genuine photo
    from your balcony; merely that Jane took the photo! BTW, can't you
    change that CAPTCHA thingo so it has at least slightly challenging
    mathematical equations?! I mean, take a look at the plugin I
    installed on www.funkywood.com for inspiration! ;) After all, your
    CAPTCHA just asked me what 9 + 9 was. Everybody knows it 19!

  13. #13 By Bill, 080620 at 13:21

    Hey I just realised I have successfully hijacked the blog away from
    catalan to English! Woo Hoo!!!

  14. #14 By dense13, 080620 at 14:58

    Good on ya Bill! I might have to move the FotOz section to english... BTW, if you had been in Neighbours, I'm sure it would have been a far more interesting series! Hey, maybe we should start our own Neighbours offshoot, I'm sure it would soon generate a following... didn't you have a new video camera?

  15. #15 By natalia, 080620 at 17:16

    Eeehhhhh, neighbours bashing is not allowed, it help me through
    some lonely cold days in Britain :P And Bill I must point out,
    Catalan is SO not the same as Castellano. And why is it
    catalan but English? I am not
    sure Gonzalo should tolerate this kind of language discrimination.

  16. #16 By dense13, 080620 at 17:36

    Hehe, that's my cousin! :) Ok, what's fair is fair: Bill, your english is not very good if you miss the capital C in Catalan, now you have to buy me some beers if you don't want to be in trouble...

    Natalia: it's absolutely forbidden to start a Catalan/Spanish discussion! Although if you want, you can have a go at the Spanish vs. Castilian controversy. :)

  17. #17 By natalia, 080620 at 17:40

    Well, I wasn't but you have the post on the Castellano section
    (your denomination not mine) and so not the Catalan section which
    by the way you don't even have, so no hijacking from Catalan is
    possible at the moment. :)

  18. #18 By dense13, 080620 at 17:56

    i Won't Have A catalan Section For Now, It Would Be Too Much To Maintain A Blog In Three Languages.

    How's that for capitalization? ;)

  19. #19 By Bill, 080620 at 21:05

    Wooh! wiTh aLL this weIrD CapiTalisaTioN StuFF, we'RE beGinnInG to
    LoOk LIke a BuncH oF hackerZ! Well Natalia, I haven't even started
    yet with Neighbours bashing! ;P I can however become crass and
    sexist too and add that the best part of it was Kylie! As for my
    Capitalisation slip with "catalan", that will forever remain a
    mystery. Was it deliberate or wasn't it?! Being a bit of a
    subscriber to the australian cultural cringe you might guess it was
    accidental... Gonzalo, I will gladly buy you some beers since I see
    it as my responsibility as a friend to continue educating you in
    the was of the Australian male. (Burp!) Is it like that in
    spain? (Giggle)

  20. #20 By Bill, 080620 at 21:20

    How embarrassing! I thought the language was called "español"! The
    penny drops very slowly in my mind sometimes! Hark: Listen! That is
    the sound of one brain cell working - and it's all mine!

  21. #21 By natalia, 080620 at 21:22

    Can I just say : *l0L*

  22. #22 By natalia, 080620 at 21:39

    Oh and of course the best part of neighbours was, hands down, Drew

  23. #23 By dense13, 080620 at 23:30

    Now now, all this conversation stemming from a Surf Beach sunrise? Shouldn't we be talking about romantic walks and spiritual contemplation? I must say I'm enjoying the funny direction this post has taken, thanks guys! :)

    Who is Drew? Here's proof to my very poor Neighbours experience.

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