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Whole-Play bugs


I'm still working on milestone 2, and it's taking much longer than I thought, because I'm finding quite a few bugs, which often are not easy to fix. The problem is that the code is getting longer and longer, and even though I'm trying to keep things well organized it's still getting complex and parts of it are a bit messy. Logic errors are quite tricky, because they manifest in very abstract ways, like an unexpected chord happening. Then tracking the errors down to the bit of code that's triggering them is a long (but somehow exciting!) process.

So at this stage, what I need to continue developing is: i) Patience, ii) Focus, iii) Enjoy! Just keep going, I'll get there. :)

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4 comments to “Whole-Play bugs”

  1. #01 By natalia, 080630 at 19:16

    I have no idea what you are talking about but good luck all the
    same :)

  2. #02 By dense13, 080630 at 22:42

    Well, the first post in this category, "What is Whole-Play?" should give you at least a rough idea. Otherwise you can always ask here or email me (that's if you're interested, of course). The problem is I don't have any sound samples yet, but it will come, sooner or later.

  3. #03 By Bill, 080711 at 12:18

    Hey! I thought you liked discord at times in your music Gonzalo? ;)
    Maybe instead of tracking down the logic error, you should embrace
    it as part of the artistic creative process and entrench the
    occurrence into your performance philosophy. I do it all the time -
    oh and it's always deliberate you understand... ;p

  4. #04 By dense13, 080711 at 12:41

    You are actually right Bill, unexpected things will be part of Whole-Play, and might add a lot of interest in fact! But not during the development stage, first I want to see how accurate I can make it. Plus, you know, I'm very pedantic about *everything*, if there is a bug in Whole-Play, I might not be able to sleep! ;)

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