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Reboot Whole-Play


In the last months the development of Whole-Play has slowed down a lot. Partly because of the lack of time, but mostly because the code has been getting messier and I've been feeling more and more stuck as I tried to fix bugs and implement new behavior. So as I knew I would have to do, it's now time to stop, rethink and restructure Whole-Play.

A friend recommended a book that should help a lot with some of the issues I've been dealing with: "Interactive Music Systems", by Robert Rowe. I think it's out of print, I got it second hand from Amazon. It's really interesting, and it does address many of the problems I've faced (so far) with Whole-Play. Perfect timing then: this book will definitely help with the redesig of Whole-Play, and hopefully will allow me to move faster through the technical issues, and get sooner to the creative phase of Whole-Play. Thanks Lorien for all the help and advice!

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