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Archive for July, 2010

Let's talk about Empathy

So, what do we know about Empathy? How does it relate to our lives? How does it connect with other areas like health, friendship, science, love?

Here's a few links to get us all started:

I'm sure there's heaps more (and more interesting) info on the web. Let's share our opinions, questions and curiosity, and see where this leads, shall we? Welcome to the Empathy discussion!

Rocket Suit en el Curtin Bandroom, #2

Ayer volvimos a tocar en el Curtin Bandroom, esta vez con The Moroccan Kings y Xenograft. Jane no estaba, así que no hay fotos ni vídeos. El concierto fue bien, los temas salen más sólidos cada vez, y yo personalmente me voy habituando al papel de bajista. Estrenamos tema nuevo, Sideshow, si consigo una grabación ya la subiré.

Thunderbird drag-and-drop problem in Ubuntu

For a while I couldn't drag emails to other folders in Thunderbird, which was very frustrating and made organizing my email very slow. I had to right-click on the message and use the 'Move to' option. Which is especially annoying if you organize your email in a nested folder structure.

It turns out the problem was AllTray, an Ubuntu application that lets you minimize any application to the system tray. So until I find a compatible solution, good-bye to Thunderbird in the system tray.

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