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Thunderbird drag-and-drop problem in Ubuntu


For a while I couldn't drag emails to other folders in Thunderbird, which was very frustrating and made organizing my email very slow. I had to right-click on the message and use the 'Move to' option. Which is especially annoying if you organize your email in a nested folder structure.

It turns out the problem was AllTray, an Ubuntu application that lets you minimize any application to the system tray. So until I find a compatible solution, good-bye to Thunderbird in the system tray.

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7 comments to “Thunderbird drag-and-drop problem in Ubuntu”

  1. #01 By Max, 100711 at 04:55

    does not work to me either!!! Does anybody knows what to do do make
    drag and drop working??

  2. #02 By dense13, 100711 at 10:38

    @Max, I take it that it's not AllTray in your case? Could it be a similar case but with another application? You could try disabling any extensions you have in Thunberbird, see if that makes any difference.

  3. #03 By Hans, 100824 at 20:12

    I tried disabling all extensions and now drag & drop works
    again! Thank you dense13!

  4. #04 By Peter Odding, 110825 at 03:20

    Thanks so much for the hint! I really missed dragging &
    dropping messages into folders but never realized AllTray was the
    cause. I will miss the system tray icon though :-(.

  5. #05 By Magwas, 111114 at 20:17

    I have the same problem, but in my case I don't have alltray
    installed. The problem came out after playing around a lot with
    compiz settings.

  6. #06 By Corrie Sloot, 120110 at 00:53

    I noticed that this would happen when an email was coming in, and
    the little fade-in box would appear on the bottom of my screen. You
    just have to wait until the box goes away.

  7. #07 By Martin, 120328 at 18:19

    Problem vanished when I deactivated the AddOn German Dictionary
    "Wörterbuch Deutsch (de-DE), Hunspell-unterstützt." Thank you very
    much for the hint!

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