You can contact me at blog ( AT ) dense13 ( DOT ) com.

About me

Hi, I'm Gonzalo, musician and computer programmer, born in Logroño, raised in Barcelona, part Aussie by now after switching hemispheres 10+ years ago, and now travelling gently with destination Jetzt. Currently living in groovy Berlin beautifully quiet (offseason!) Tropea excitingly challenging Berlin (again).

I'm always occupied with the exploration of creativity, improvisation, consciousness and freedom and I hope this website becomes an outlet to all those interests and a vehicle to share them.

Here are some other projects I'm working on/involved in:

  • Whole-Play: my Very Much Favorite Project, an ongoing exploration into composition, improvisation, surrendering and artificial intelligence. Under development, but hoping to release it into the world very soon.
  • 30 day groove: a platform/community for sharing individual 30-day challenges.
  • C4&I: a tool for individuals to develop themselves and how they relate to their environment, with a focus on creativity, consciousness and community.

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