You can contact me at blog ( AT ) dense13 ( DOT ) com.

About me

Hi, I'm Gonzalo, musician and computer programmer, born in Logroño, raised in Barcelona, part Aussie by now after switching hemispheres 10+ years ago, and now travelling gently with destination Jetzt. Currently living in groovy Berlin - beautifully quiet (offseason!) Tropea - excitingly challenging Berlin (again) - most-liveable-city Melbourne v3.0.

I'm always occupied with the exploration of creativity, improvisation, consciousness and freedom and I hope this website becomes an outlet to all those interests and a vehicle to share them.

Here are some other projects I'm working on/involved in:

  • Whole-Play: my Very Much Favorite Project, an ongoing exploration into composition, improvisation, surrendering and artificial intelligence. Under development, but hoping to release it into the world very soon.
  • 30 day groove: a platform/community for sharing individual 30-day challenges.
  • C4&I: a tool for individuals to develop themselves and how they relate to their environment, with a focus on creativity, consciousness and community.

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