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À bientôt, Paris

Time to leave Paris, these two weeks have been super interesting, and I can't shake off an odd feeling of sadness for leaving. I imagine I will come back (soon?), I've only explored a tiny bit of the city, already love lots about it, and found many things I enjoyed. I wonder if I can carry with me this sense of openness and freedom wherever I go, let's try!

Merci pour tout Marine, je suis très heureux d'avoir été chez toi. :)

Felice Varini - La Villette en suites




by GtrManBill on

Fantastic photos. I especially love the cobbled streets. Must say the seating arrangement at the cafe is rather inconvenient...those Parisians! ;)

by James Mansfield on

Wow, stunning photos. Looks like you've had quite an amazing time. Beautiful food, views, streets and experiences. Looks like you've been living the life Gonzalo, keep it up!

by Gonzalo on

Thanks guys! You know, most of these were with the phone, I wonder if I'll use the DSLR much.

@GtrManBill: I know, it's a matter of relaxing into the pain... ;)

by Jo on

Loved your photos! All very colourful and beautiful. I lvoed the cobbled streets too. You're missing a freezing cold winter night tonight Gz ;)

by Gonzalo on

<p>I know, very sad, my jacket is having abandonment issues.</p>

by Jo on

Haha I wish mine was!

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