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... And NOW You're Dead

Your life as a happy Elf is about to end as you know it. You always had peaceful images of the afterlife, but it turns out it's a bit stranger than you imagined...

... And NOW You're Dead is a fun little old-school space-shooter I developed for this year's Gamedev.tv game jam, with the topic "Death is only the beginning" and a 10 day development timeframe.

Have a play, and read below if you want to know a bit more about it.


This submission was a bit rushed in the end (literally less than 5 minutes before the deadline!), maybe the scope was a bit too much for the time I had during these 10 days? But I had fun, and only really pushed the last two days.

The most fun/interesting part was creating the cinematic transition between the intro and the actual game. Unity has pretty awesome cinematic tools, and I learnt a few things about virtual cameras and dolly tracks.

I wish I had had a bit more time to work on difficulty progression, as well as on more varied and sophisticated enemy AI. But hey, it was only 10 days, scope has to stay reasonably small.

Big thanks to the authors that shared their work (models & SFX), full credits are on the game page.


This time the music is mine, after all I'm supposed to be a musician... I've repurposed two existing pieces, one of my micro-compositions (Through The Nebula), and a very very very old thing I wrote ages ago with extremely old software. :)


Temple Of Darkness



It's oh, so quiet...

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