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Benvenuto a Tropea!

Welcome to Tropea!

When you find an improbable bouldering gym in a little Italian town, run by a lovely couple who welcome you as if you were an old friend, and a nowhereadvertised yoga class, and a luthier neighbor who lends you the most beautiful guitar just because, you know you're being taking care of. Tropea asked "Are you ready?". I said, "Yes, please!". And now it welcomes me with open arms. First week here has been so wonderful, I don't know where to start to give thanks.

After India

Thinking Plague's Hoping Against Hope is out!



by Nata on

Y porque no? Te lo mereces!!!

by Nata on

And why not? You deserve it!

by GtrManBill on

Looks lovely Gonzalo!! Enoy, my friend!

by Bea on

Ah Gonzalo.. a beautiful place to settle for a while.

by James Mansfield on

Wow, I'm so jealous right now. Looks amaze balls.

by Gonzalo on

@James Mansfield: cool, new expression of the day. :) Is that standard English or Australia-only?

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