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Birthday in the north

What do you do if your Italian friend, whom you met in Berlin, invites you to her birthday in Italy, while you're staying in Tropea? You go, of course! Only it's up north... adventure knocks? Me apunto!

Welcome to Serravalle. It was still Italy, a completely different but equally fantastic version. Little beautiful towns in the mountains, yummy food, an awesome walk over fresh snow, but most of all the luck of being welcomed to a group of old friends and sharing an amazing celebration with them. Da paura! (yes, I also got an intensive Italian practice session). Auguri Ester, vielen grazie für dieses bellissimo wochenende! ;)

Thinking Plague's Hoping Against Hope is out!

Climbing at Stilo



by Jo on

Wow! Beautiful pictures Gonzalo! This probably sounds silly, but I've never thought of Italy as being snow covered and cold. Thanks for the pics :) xx

by Gonzalo on

I know, coming from the south this was quite a surprise for me too. Italy has pretty high mountain ranges, and if you go even further north, there's the Alps. It's a bit embarrassing that Italy and Spain are such close cultures and yet I know so little about it.

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