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Cataclysm, day 100

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Score: Cataclysm, day 100

Mmh, not quite...

Mmmh, not quite...


Today's bar might not be the most spectacular so far from a musical point of view, but I feel like celebrating the romantic roundess of 100. It's pure coincidence that it falls on 'publishing day', I tell you, this composition has a life of its own. :)

Listening to the whole thing I'm amazed and kind of fascinated about how I got here. And it's quite strange that I'm not even a third of the way to the end, I have absolutely no idea where this will take me. This is definitely the most unpredictable composition I've ever tackled, and I'm really enjoying the puzzling/exciting/stirring effect the process has.

I'm also enjoying the change in my own experience of composing. I remember the first bars full of impatience and perplexity, and soon lots of density made it to the staffs. But as days have passed, I feel the transition from the initial 'exciting experiment' phase to a more 'calm practice' mode. I seem to be less excited about the daily bar time, but I'm more able to enjoy it, more simply. I think I can listen to where the music wants to go more, more curious than judge.

And I'm really really enjoying sharing the process, here on this blog, but especially with friends, the sharing of their experience of it makes the process all the more wonderful (thanks guys!).

And I want to dedicate these last 7 bars to the new Republic and the times ahead. ||||

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It's oh, so quiet...

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