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Cataclysm, day 16

Things unfold, mysteries are revealed, and after every bar new unknown territory comes into view. The more I do this, the more I'm enjoying the process, in a more relaxed, observant way.

Cataclysm, day 161.17 MB

Score: Cataclysm, day 16

Bars 10-16 are dedicated to Mycle, because this adventure would be so much more boring without your friendship.

On sound and notation

I wanted to comment briefly on two practical aspects of this project, sound and notation. These are both conditioned by the software I'm using, Notion for iOS. The reason I use the iPad is that it might be easier to stick to a daily commitment if I can take a small piece of gear with me, otherwise I see myself often having to write my daily bar in the evening, tired and a bit rushed. Now I can do it after going out to lunch, or sitting at a park on a sunny afternoon, which is not necessarly often in Berlin and it's good to be able to be spontaneous about it, or on a train, or... But the software has its limitations of course.

Firstly, the sound is, well, synthetic, and by definition limited. It comes as is from the iPad, and I don't want to set up a more complex system to improve it because I need this process to be fast, or I will stop posting. I really would love to hear this with real instruments, yum! So hey, since dreaming is free: nine awesome musicians who want to re-record this piece every week, seven new bars every time, for free? Call now! ;)

And second, the notation. I often write some odd things, especially dynamic, accent and articulation markings, because of how it sounds in Notion. I think generally the notation is quite ok, but don't take it too seriously.

Cataclysm, day 9

Cataclysm, day 23



It's oh, so quiet...

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