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Cataclysm, day 79

My week's mood has been heavily marked by the embarrassing and inadmissible acts of the Spanish government (and opposition, and king) in relation to Catalunya's independence. The propaganda is spooky. The official version shameful. And the violence everybody has seen. I'm sad and angry and frustrated and embarrassed. Enough is enough.

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Score: Cataclysm, day 79


Cataclysm, day 1O

Cataclysm, day 86



by Teresa on

Socorro! Empieza a gustarme!
(Aunque a ratos me da un poco de miedo...o de suspense, no sé)
Sobre todo me gusta que sigues haciéndolo.
Cómo firmo? Ma, Teresa? Tere, Mamá? ;-) O no hace falta?

by Gonzalo on

Jeje, a qué a medida que uno se acostumbra, empieza a parecer menos abstracta, y más 'normal'? Ahora, si te empiezan a gustar cosas raras, no acepto reclamaciones. ;)

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