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Felice Varini - La Villette en suites

Today I went to a Pierre Boulez exhibition at the Philarmonie, which is at the Parc de la Villette. Very interesting, loved seeing a score of the Rite of Spring annotated by Messiaen. :)

Afterwards I checked an exhibition of works by Felice Varini, very impressive! Here's a little video, although this can hardly represent the actual experience of being in the space.

Aranis @ Le Triton

À bientôt, Paris



by Mycle on

fascinating! how do they do this?

by Gonzalo on

There was a nice young girl there that told me a bit about it. I didn't get everything because, well, it was in French. :) But I got that first they project the image (turning off all the lights around the space), then they stick some tape on it, and there was a third step, that's the bit I didn't get. Apparently it's quite involved, he's got a little team working with him.

Or maybe she was asking me out to dinner and I completely missed it. ;)

by Mycle on

well, his website (thanks for the link) describes something of the process (check the videos). fragments and the whole, quite cool.

by Teresa on

Ya se que voy con mucho retraso pero cada quien tiene un ritmo y un momento y yo he llegado hoy.
IMPRESIONANTE. Tema querido por mí y siempre dificil de iconografiar sin caer en una explicitación burda. Gracias Gon, por mí parte y por la de a los que se lo muestre.
Gramática dificil :-( , espero que lo entiendas.

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