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Finnish retreat

These forests are magical...

I've spent two weeks in Finland with my cousin and her partner, most of it at an amazing cabin by a lake in the gorgeousest (it should be a word) nature. I am so fortunate to continuously receive so much generosity from so many different people!

I need to thank Natalia and Joni for giving me this opportunity and organizing it all, but especially Joni's parents for welcoming me/us into their home, providing access to the amazing cabin, and helping us with so many things. I take with me many beautiful memories: my introduction to the Wonderful World of Sauna, great BBQs and interesting conversations despite any language barriers, geocaching adventures and everybody's patience with my attempts at learning a bit of Finnish (kiitos!). And then breathtaking sunsets, unforgettable trips on the canoe on Kivijärvi (Lake of stones), berry picking and playing mölkky (I challenge anyone to pronounce that correctly!)... and of course spending time with Natalia and Joni, I hope they enjoyed it all as much as I did.

If I had to take one single experience with me, it would be the eerie and wonderful silence on that lake, an implacable reminder of the present moment.

The trip ended with a day in Kuopio, a day in Helsinki, and a day in Tallinn. :) Missing the cabin already...

Riding Hamburg

Tallinn impressions



by GtrManBill on

Looks and sounds so lovely mate. Must have been wonderful. That looks like such a beautiful place. :)

by GtrManBill on

Photos are fantastic btw.

by GtrManBill on

I want the cabin.

by Gonzalo on

@GtrManBill: I thought you would. :)

by James Mansfield on

OMG! That looks like paradise. Peace and quiet in an amazing natural setting and a sauna! Very jealous.

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