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Sixth game in my monthly game challenge. This month you're a bird who needs to grow (by eating pineapples?). This is again a submission to OGAM (#6).

This month I didn't have the time to coordinate the game myself, so I'm glad I could join Sergey as a programmer, it was fun to collaborate with him and Steve, and find the best way to contribute to the project.

This is the first 2D game I've worked on since I started the monthly jams, which was interesting, though I admit I find 3D more attractive. I particularly enjoyed working on the music system. Check it out, the music amps up seamlessly as you grow to every new level. Seeing the bird dancing to the beat I also find very satisfying. :)

Give Gro-Wing a go, it's fun, short and challenging!

The team

Dungeon of Despair



It's oh, so quiet...

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