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Working in Menorca

It was only four days, a nice mix of work and holidays, really didn't want to leave... Thanks Adam and Sonia, you made my stay just perfect. Below some (pretty funky!) photos from these days.


Bye Barcelona



by GtrManBill on

Wow! Wow! Sitting in a cold office in an overcast Australian winter looking at that beauty certainly makes me wish I was there! Wonderful images Gonzalo. I especially love the sunset photos and the one of you with the great coastline in the background. Now if only teleportation were a reality...

by James Mansfield on

Soooo jealous!

by natalia on

It certainly looks like you are working...not.. ;)

by Gonzalo on

Should have taken a photo of the office too... :)

by natalia on

Of course not, it's already obvious how much work you did :)

by Jo on

Wow Gonzalo, your photos are amazing. You should be a travel photographer in your spare time! They look wonderful. We are freezing cold here with frost on the grass this morning. Couldn't be more opposite. It's so lovely to see you and know where you are and what you're up to :) xx

by GtrManBill on

I agree with the comment Jo made about your photography mate. It really is special. Maybe you could contract to National Geographic or something and fund an endless trip around the world??

by Gonzalo on

But I AM on an endless trip around the world... :-P

by GtrManBill on

Ahhh but I said "fund" and endless trip... :-P

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