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Over the last few months I've been focusing on Wombat Forge's new game, "Time Champions".

We've just completed a new demo, which can be played for free at our page:

If you have the time, give it a go and share some feedback with us, that would helps us enormously with building up the game in the best direction. You can also join our new Discord server and let us know your thoughts there.

So what's been happening for the game? A lot actually!

  • Heaps more functionality and game elements (new Heroes, Units, Enemies and Bosses)
  • A playable, full-length level
  • A reduced but playable subset of the upgrade options, which allow for the exploration of many different strategies and synergies
  • A working Rewards system and Shop
  • Many performance optimisations

We've also teamed up with Adrià Najar, a great artist that's going to be creating the assets for the game, and with Ann Nguyen, who will be taking care of UI/UX. All of this sets us on the path to alpha-2, which will result in a free and fully playable demo of the game, with production assets this time. Stay tuned!

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