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Riding Hamburg

My beloved Hamburger bike

I've spent a couple of weeks in Hamburg, so many good things! And the experience was even better for having my own bike (thanks so much Mycle!!). I fell in love with biking in Melbourne and now it's become an immediate connection to a great sense of freedom. Even more so in Hamburg where you don't have to use a helmet and are allowed to go against traffic on one way streets. :) But wait...

No breaks?

Notice anything missing? Where are the back breaks? If you're as ignorant as I am you won't have heard about back pedal breaks which, well, yeah, you apply by back pedaling. Took a little while to get used to, and I still think they're less practical in certain situations (but that might be lack of experience).

Exploring Hamburg by bike was great, enhanced by nice weather (most of the time), many Hamburgers being on holiday somewhere else, and having Mycle to show me many groovy areas. As another link to Melbourne, I had my first yoga class in a while (thanks to Julia for a lovely German/Enlglish session). Shame I still have some issues with my toes and couldn't go rock climbing, because I found this very groovy spot:

I need to come back here and give this a go!

Bye Barcelona

Finnish retreat



by Mycle on

well, the bike is still there . . . .:)

by Gonzalo on

I know, now I have two sad bikes, one in Melbourne and one in Hamburg. What a responsibility...

by Jo on

I had a back pedal bike when I was a kid :) Love that feeling of freedom riding a bike around too!

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