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Sunday Driver

In February, the #OGAM 9th game jam had the topic "Back where you started". Our submission was "Sunday Driver", a driving game where your goal is to complete a full lap.

This was yet another collaboration by members of the Melbourne Game Creatives. This time I was responsible for the integration of the audio and SFX, using FMOD (which I hadn't used before, so it game the opportunity to learn how it works).

This is going to be my last Game Jam in this monthly series. It's been a lot of fun to pump up a different game each month, and not only I ticked off my initial goals of practicing my Unity skills and producing playable games, I've also ended up collaborating with a lot of different programmers, artists and musicians, and making some friendships on the way! But I feel it's now time to tackle different projects, starting with finishing the new version of Temple of Darkness, the game I submitted to the September '21 #OGAM game jam. But I will be back, for sure. :) Thanks to everyone who joined me in this adventure, it's been super fun and interesting!

A Prickly Affair



It's oh, so quiet...

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