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Tallinn impressions

I only spent one day in Tallinn, and a lot of it was surrounded by tourists, which is not my favorite thing (I'm being very diplomatic here). Still interesting, especially first thing in the morning when the streets were empty, nothing was open, and the old city was starting to wake up. I also enjoyed later on getting *out* of the old city, but unfortunately I didn't have much time to explore. I did get to speak to a couple of locals who planted the seed to a possible longer visit some time. :)

Finnish retreat

Menorca Off-season



by natalia on

It is pretty cool!

by GtrManBill on

Nice images yet again mate. Must be fascinating seeing such a diversity of cultures and historical influences. I have seen documentaries on TV indicating that Estonia is very populous with tourists, many being the young men from the U.K. looking for a good time weekend.

by Gonzalo on

For example, it's apparently a typical day-trip for Helsinki residents, who do their cheap (alcohol?) shopping there. Kind of like going to the mall, but on a huge boat. :)

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