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Three songs for voice, clarinet, violin, guitar, bass and drums. Until I find all the musicians for this, some of the parts are software instruments, including the voice (piano on 1, flute on 2 and 3).

How high can you jump?4.04 MB

Thanks Mycle for the title!

Missing us11.23 MB

I/O noise15.04 MB

I'd love to do a proper recording of these, for which I need a singer, clarinetist, violinist and drummer. A bass player also welcome. And if a guitarist likes it, he'll be welcome too. :) If someone's interested, I can provide mixes without specific parts, and the written separate parts.

See below for scores and lyrics.


  • Lyrics (24.77 KB)
  • Score - Full (1.96 MB)
  • Score - Clarinet in Bb (375.89 KB)

    I apologise in advance for the terrible transposition! You'll hate my guts, but I've just let my software do this and so far this is as good as it gets.

What You Know And What You Don't Know

Venus flyby



It's oh, so quiet...

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