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Underworld Run

I recently found a game jam that runs every month, One Game A Month, and this is totally my kind of project. :) So I decided I'd join straight away, and here's my first monthly game: Underworld Run. Follow the link below to its itch.io page if you want to give it a go. You can download it for Windows or Mac, or you can play it directly in the browser.

This time I was lucky to count on the contribution of a few members of the Melbourne Game Creatives Meetup group. The game wouldn't have developed this far nor in this direction without them. So big thanks go to Steve, Jess and Sergey. I also want to thank Astrid and Albert for their ongoing feedback and support.

In the end the project ended up taking up a lot more time than I had anticipated. One month is a fair bit of time, but it also flies very quickly. I was adding the last sound effects one hour before the deadline. :)

I've learnt a few things along the way, and I've practice various skills (Unity, Blender), which was the original goal for doing this, but the best part has been the collaboration with the rest of the dev team. I'm very happy with the end result, looks funky! And it's quite fun, it might steal a few minutes of your time if you give it a spin. Have fun!

Axiom Escape

One Shot Ball



It's oh, so quiet...

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