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Berlin Dooming 160820

Where were we? No idea, but right now in Berlin, enjoying unknown drinks, oversized everything and quirky museums, like:

(at the Computerspielemuseum)

I don't know if I should say stay tuned...

Gonzalo & Albert

On hold 040522

The Présage web site is currently on hold. Nevertheless, all sections are still running, to provide access to almost all our work. Most files are still available for download, and the information about the various projects is always there.

The Présage site has the following structure:

Présage Homepage: the central page, with all news relating to Présage. It includes three main sections:

Whichever page you are in, you can always access any of the main sections using the corresponding menu. Just remember the 'code' for each page, Prsg for Présage, CyD for CyberDreams, Vrmr for Vrooomer Coda, and D13 for Dense13 Alley.

The news for each section has been lost because our former host deleted our site without notice (amazing). Luckily we had some backups, but the news updates have been impossible to find.

One never knows what the futur will bring, but in case this web site doesn't come back to active life: happy Dooming!