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Temple Of Darkness

This game was originally developed during the month of September, 2021, as an entry to One Game A Month #4. The theme of the game jam was Going Dark. I took a very literal approach to it, and filled it with blood thirsty skeletons.

Since then, I've continued to work on this project on and off, to add more weapons and enemies, and polished/improved various aspects. My TODO list is not empty, but I've decided to wrap it up for now, here you find the final version. Enjoy!

The process

I wanted to do a First Person Shooter. I used to play Doom a lot back in the day, and made a lot maps for it (here's a link to the past, when Presage was alive and kicking). Now that I'm getting a bit better at Unity, I wanted to give this a go, and create a sort of tribute to old-school FPS. I had a few goals with this one:

  • Tackle a new style of game (FPS)
  • Explore random generation of levels (that was fun!)
  • Explore dynamically generated NavMeshes (that is, how the enemies can navigate the randomly generated levels)
  • Implement basic enemy AI

I ended up creating different 'sections', with distinct look and feel, to give the game some structure and sense of progression. You go through the sections by collecting the pieces of broken amulets, which is a new mechanic that wasn't there in the original version.

The team

This was my second collaboration with Sarah, after OneShotBall. She has created the music, which totally fits the feel of the game. She wrote the track for the original version, and then added two new tracks for the new sections in this version.

The current version

In September I wrote a list of things that I wanted to work on, let's check them out:

  • More enemies and weapons.
  • A menu. :) Including some settings, like quality and controls.
  • Some more 'structure', as you progress through the levels.

And maybe:

  • Write better enemy AI
  • Improve the level generator
  • Add health and ammo pickups, maybe also powerups (SKIPPED)
  • Add a few more animations

Hey, well done! :) I hope you enjoy this new version. Plus now there's an end, can you beat all 9 levels? Have fun!

Morph Wars

... And NOW You're Dead



It's oh, so quiet...

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