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Climbing at Stilo

Climbing at Stilo

As if climbing at Chuisky's Cave wasn't good enough, Chicco and Fra's awesomeness took me (along with Paco and Arthur) to climb at Stilo, all the way across Italy. Well, horizontally. :)

Nothing beats climbing su roccia: already walking to the wall is beautiful, plus the company of good friends, the anticipation of the climb, the touch of nature. Ho chiuso a 5b (Calabria Saudita), without too much trouble. Then battled a 6b (Habibi) top rope, missing the end bit. Mmh, time to go back to Chiusky's cave and get serious!

Birthday in the north

La Perla del Tirreno



by James Mansfield on

Wow, so happy to see that you've continued with the rock climbing. I very recently started bouldering as a way to get back into it since you left (no need to have a friend to belay you) and have been really enjoying it. Can't wait to do it with you when you make it back down under. ;)

by Gonzalo on

Awesome! Where do you go bouldering? I'll be great to join you, coming to your city this fall! :)

by Gonzalo on

Actually, your spring. ;)

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